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5 Things to Do in Adelaide for Mystery Lovers

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Top 5 Things to Do in Adelaide for Mystery Lovers


Whether you’re a tourist looking to delve into Adelaide’s hidden mysteries and secrets, or a local with a thirst for mystery, there are a lot of things to do in Adelaide to keep you on your toes! We’ve picked our top 5 things to do in Adelaide for mystery lovers of all kinds.

  • Go hunting for the Adelaide Arcade ghost. Things really do go bump in the night in the Adelaide Arcade. Whilst wandering down the beautiful arcade and peering into the quirky shops and cafés, you’d be forgiven for not realising that a murky world of mystery lies below you. Under the arcade are disused tea rooms, that are rumoured to be the home of the ghosts of up to three ex-Arcade workers who sadly died there over the years. Take an after-dark tour if you’re brave enough, and see for yourself.
Image: Adelaide Haunted Horizons

Image: Adelaide Haunted Horizons

  • Solve the cold case of the Somerton Man mystery. In 1948 the body of a man in a suit was found on Somerton Beach. A piece of paper found in a secret pocket of his suit, was later revealed to be torn from a book containing a secret code. To this day the man is yet to be identified and the code is yet to be cracked. Draw your own conclusion on the self-guided Cold Case: Somerton Man Mystery tour. If you don’t quite crack it, try your hand at our escape room inspired by this mystery, Spy on the Beach and put your newfound knowledge to the test!
Image: Adelaide City Explorer

Image: Adelaide City Explorer

  • Choose your own adventure. Mix up your sight-seeing by combining it with solving a time-travelling mystery or an alien adventure. Story City is a free app that lets you choose your own adventure, by integrating fictional stories with sightseeing. In Adelaide, choose from The Time Travel Caper or Alien Hide and Seek. You’ll never look at the streets of Adelaide the same way again.
  • Crack codes, solve puzzles and unravel the mystery of our escape rooms. At Escape Hunt, you’ll find the most mysterious and interesting escape rooms Adelaide has to offer. Choose from the Kidnapping at the Zoo, Murder at the Winery or Spy on the Beach escape rooms, and put your detective hat on. You and your team have 1 hour. Can you escape the room? Book here.
Escape Hunt Adelaide - Solve the mystery and escape the room

Escape Hunt Adelaide – Solve the mystery and escape the room