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Escape Room Team Building – The latest trend in team building!

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Escape Rooms – The Next Trend in Team Building

Escape Room Team Building in Adelaide

Escape Room Team Building - Escape Hunt

Creating a functional team is rarely as simple as hiring a group of people and expecting them to work effectively. Fostering trust, open communication and an understanding of each team members’ skills and strengths are all critical success factors for any team, and sometimes these things need to be built outside of the office environment.

Escape rooms, whilst being a relatively new concept, are becoming increasingly popular as a team building activity and it’s easy to see why!

  • Teamwork is critical for escape room success!

No one makes their escape alone! By their very nature, escape rooms are a team activity and require players to quickly adopt successful team strategies in order to progress through the game successfully. The nature of the game means that their communication skills, trust, critical thinking and creativity will all be put to the test.

  • Limited time = immediate results

Escape rooms work wonderfully as either a pre-cursor or a follow up to more structured team development, largely due to the immediacy of the results. Teams have 1 hour to make their escape. Not only does the time pressure highlight each players natural abilities, it also means that within the space of the hour you can put team skills to the test, see an outcome, and discuss and debrief your results based on recent, fresh examples. How did they communicate in the room? Did they agree to a strategy? Who took a leadership role? Escape rooms are excellent for giving context to recently learned skills outside of the normal work environment, or as a diagnostic tool before further development commences.

  • Pushing the boundaries

We all know that real development only occurs outside of our comfort zone, and for most people, being stuck in a room for 60 minutes with a handful of colleagues for company, is way out of their comfort zone! Taking teams outside of their every day and giving them a specific task, with limited time, in an unusual environment not only develops team skills, but also helps to promote stronger team relationships, through the shared experience.

  •  Learning through play

Escape rooms are a game! They began predominately as a social activity and at their very core they are FUN! As a team building exercise, they’re perfect. The fun takes over, and as teams focus on the task at hand and enjoy the game, they’ll naturally gravitate to their preferred work styles, allowing for a lot of surprises and opportunities for recognising the different strengths that each team member can bring to the group.

If suggestions of team building are met with eye rolls and underwhelming enthusiasm, an escape room could be just the activity you need to turn their attitudes around. A fun, exciting shared experience that opens the door to conversations about team dynamics and working styles.

At Escape Hunt Adelaide, you can take your team through the escape room experience, and lead development discussions yourself, or you can speak to us about partnering with our in-house Organisational Development professional, who can build and deliver a tailored debrief session for your team, enabling you to immediately reflect on lessons learnt, and to structure an action plan to take with you back to the workplace.

For more information about how Escape Hunt Adelaide can help you hold a team building event with a real impact, please contact us on 08 8223 770 or [email protected]