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Escape Hunt FAQs

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We recommend you play with 2-5 people. From our experience, this is the optimum number of players to ensure a fantastic experience for everyone. If you would like to fit 6 into the room, please book online for 5 people and pay for the 6th person on the day. Strictly no more than 6 players per room.

If you’re unsure of numbers, we suggest you book for the minimum of 2 players and pay for extras on the day. There are no refunds for booked and paid for players who do not arrive.

As we have 5 game rooms we can accommodate up to 30 people playing at the same time, so if your group is larger, you can book multiple rooms.  We also have a large lounge and bar, so for even larger groups we can split the game time, with part of the group staying in the bar or taking part in other activities! We have lots of packages available that provide a variety of options, so please call us on 8223 7770 or email [email protected] and we can help find the best solution for you and your group!