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What is Escape Hunt Adelaide?


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The escape room craze that’s sweeping the nation is now well and truly making its way to Adelaide. ‘Great!’ I hear you say…. ‘About time!….but what is it exactly?’ Brace yourselves Adelaide, you will not be disappointed.

The Escape Hunt Adelaide is a brand new escape room about to hit Adelaide. The Escape Hunt concept sees groups of 2-5 players enter a room, playing the role of detectives out to solve a mystery. You have 60 minutes to crack the case and make your escape.

How do you do that exactly?! You’re presented with one of three mysteries, all set within historical Adelaide, and upon entering the room, you’ll search for and assess clues to piece the puzzle together. You’ll solve puzzles and crack codes. You’ll hunt for hidden objects and key pieces of evidence. You’ll test your brains, your wit, your logic and sometimes, your friendships! (just kidding!).

The clock is ticking and your heart is racing. There are locks to unlock, numbers to calculate, puzzles to piece together and more than a few surprises. If you get stuck, there’s always a friendly Games Master on hand to give you a little (or big) clue. As for being ‘locked in’ don’t worry, we won’t actually lock the door, so all you claustrophobes can breathe easy!

Escape Hunt is the most unique and exciting day or night out that you’ve had with your mates in ages. Ditch the bowling, forget about the movies and the expensive popcorn and chuck out your dinner plans (OK, you have to eat, so head to the restaurant afterwards!). Get down to Escape Hunt and ‘escape’ your boring routine.

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