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Which adventure at The Escape Hunt Experience?  We have 5 escape rooms at Escape Hunt Adelaide, split into 3 different adventures.

Murder at the Winery (Difficulty: Medium-Hard) sets you the task of finding the murderer of an iconic Barossa Valley winemaker.

Spy on the Beach (Difficulty: Medium-Hard) sets you the challenge of unravelling the real life Somerton Man mystery and finding out just what really happened in the infamous Taman Shud case.

The Collector’s Curse (Difficulty: Hard) takes you in to the Collector’s weird and wonderful collection to retrieve stolen items. Recommended for those who have played before and/or teams of 4 or more!

Can we play against each other in different adventures?  Our 5 game rooms are separate but are split into 3 themes with both Murder at the Winery and Spy on the Beach each having 2 rooms to allow for two teams to compete against each other.  So if you have an urge to compete, try it, it’s great fun as we start the countdown timer at exactly the same moment!